The ultimate goal of Teachers Skills Forum is to revolutionize education in the Arab world and raise the standards of teaching across the region.


The Teacher Skills Forum has gained regional and international recognition for its unique approach in that it primarily focus’ on Teachers and classroom needs to enhance and improve the quality of teaching. An initiative of Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA), the forum stems from a simple idea: tackling the challenges of education in the region at the grassroots level, in our classrooms. An annual regional event organized by the Queen Rania Teacher Academy in partnership with the International Baccalaureate (IB) the Teacher Skills Forum was created to provide teachers from the Arab world with modern and creative strategies and innovative teaching techniques. It is a platform for teachers to explore, learn, and share experiences with some of the world’s most renowned educators and scholars.


Teacher Skills Forum 2017: Restructuring How We Teach


Driven by the regional need to align educational priorities and adequately support classroom teachers with the need to address them, TSF will build on its previous successes to enhance the teaching and learning experience for educators by offering educators the opportunity:

  • to learn new teaching strategies and techniques;
  • to discuss action points and goals for enhancing classroom and school communities;
  • to share and apply best teaching practices;
  • to network and create lasting relationships;
  • to provide teachers with innovative ideas and incorporate technologies into lessons; and finally,
  • to support teachers in aligning educational priorities and learning/teaching expectations into their daily practices.