Hanadi Dayyeh is an Arabic language and curriculum specialist. She coordinated, led and audited Arabic programs in several international and American schools in Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, Cairo and Qatar. Ms. Dayyeh has trained hundreds of Arabic language teachers in private schools and international conferences.

Hanadi Dayyeh has chaired the Near East South Asia (NESA) Arabic Advisory group. The group undertook the task of developing Arabic continua, producing the Language learner identity document and organizing an Arabic strand in NESA fall training Institute. Ms. Dayyeh also acted as a member of the AERO+ team that worked on developing standards and benchmarks for World Languages.

Ms. Dayyeh has several publications. She developed an Arabic program for Middle school non-native speakers, a grades 1-6 Arabic program for heritage learners, and pre-school Arabic program based on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory. She also published several children’s stories.

Hanadi Dayyeh has taught Arabic to native and non-native speakers for the past 14 years. Currently, she is the curriculum coordinator and the Arabic program coordinator at the American School of Beirut and a PhD candidate at the Department of Arabic at the American University of Beirut.