Under the Patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah

About the Forum

A Leading Forum Set to Develop Teachers and Educators in the Arab World

The Teacher Skills Forum has gained regional and international recognition for its unique approach in that it primarily focuses on Teachers and classroom needs to enhance and improve the quality of teaching.
An initiative of Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA), the forum stems from a simple idea: tackling the challenges of education in the region at the grassroots level, in our classrooms.
An annual regional event organized by the Queen Rania Teacher Academy in partnership with the International Baccalaureate (IB) the Teacher Skills Forum was created to provide teachers from the Arab world with modern and creative strategies and innovative teaching techniques. It is a platform for teachers to explore, learn, and share experiences with some of the world’s most renowned educators and scholars.

TSF 2018 – Continuing the Legacy since 2014

The key objective of the Teacher Skills Forum 2018 is empowering teachers and educators to transform their learning and teacher experiences in the classroom while providing them with professional learning experiences.
Influenced by the reflections and responses of the 2017 Forum, the thematic strands of the 2018 Forum will incorporate the cross-cutting theme of 'Growth beyond Grades'. Entrenched within each of the strands will be innovative approaches to teaching and the use of technology to enhance learning outcomes.
The thematic focus for the 2018 Teacher Skills Forum (Growth beyond Grades) encourages educators of all ages to examine practices, other than grading, that are likely to have long lasting effect on students' learning and equip them with life skills needed for the 21st century.

Leaders and teachers are motivated to consider:

  • Implementing innovative techniques to help students internalize the learning that take place in the classroom irrespective of the grades they achieve.
  • Helping students to reflect on and understand their individual growth that has developed as a result of the learning journey.
  • Promoting the type of growth that enhances intellectual curiosity, problem solving skills, moral decision making and reflective practices across the disciplines.