Under the Patronage of
Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah


  • TSF 2019

    March 8 - 10, 2019

    The primary objective guiding the direction of the Teacher Skills Forum was founded on the regional need to align educational priorities, expectations and adequately support classroom teachers with the means to address them. As such, the guiding principles directing the goals of the Teacher Skills Forum are to provide teachers with opportunities and access to: learn new teacher strategies and techniques; to discuss possible action points and goals for enhancing classroom and school communities; to share and apply best teaching practices; to network and create lasting relationships based on a shared vision; to provide teachers with the skills to develop modern, innovative lessons that incorporate technologies into classroom instructions and finally, to support teachers to bridge the gap between academic theory and classroom practice. 

    The thematic strands of the 2019 Forum will incorporate the cross-cutting theme of "Agile Minds, Turning Tides.". Entrenched within each of the strands will be innovative approaches to teaching and the use of technology to enhance learning outcomes. 

  • TSF 2018

    March 2 - 4, 2018

    The key objective of the Teacher Skills Forum 2018 is empowering teachers and educators to transform their learning and teacher experiences in the classroom while providing them with professional learning experiences.

    Influenced by the reflections and responses of the 2017 Forum, the thematic strands of the 2018 Forum incorporated the cross-cutting theme of 'Growth beyond Grades'. Entrenched within each of the strands will be innovative approaches to teaching and the use of technology to enhance learning outcomes.

    The thematic focus for the 2018 Teacher Skills Forum (Growth beyond Grades) encouraged educators of all ages to examine practices, other than grading, that are likely to have long lasting effect on students' learning and equip them with life skills needed for the 21st century.

  • TSF 2017

     24 - 26 March, 2017

    From “Revolutionizing Education" to "From what to How" TSF 2017 was all about “Deconstruct/Reconstruct Education" examining the process of deconstructing learning targets and re-constructing clear and understandable learning goals to enrich the quality of teaching/learning experiences in the classroom.

    TSF 2017 was an opportunity for educators to engage in an exploration of practical solutions based on real issues in education from a variety of specialized fields continuing the observation of world trends in education bringing those experiences participants from Jordan and the region.

    The Teacher Skills Forum received the participation of educators from all over the Arab World from both the public and private sectors, with over 1,000 participants in 2014 and in 2015 Forums reaching to more than 1,200 during the conference in 2017.

    TSF 2017 was structured along six major academic strands: Student mental health, Interactive pedagogies, Leadership in education, Early childhood, Innovation and entrepreneurship and Special learners.

  • TSF 2015

    4 - 6 December, 2015

    The second TSF 2015 “What do we teach” to “How do we teach” was all about not just giving teachers new skills alone, but also provided them with instructions on how to implement them in schools.

    TSF 2015 provided more than 1,000 educators with a venue to discuss themes deemed essential to the development of their profession, including early, concept-based, differentiated and STEAM learning, which pertains to science, technology, engineering arts and math. The forum, brought the largest number of educators face-to-face with masters of the profession worldwide.

    The forum featured 132 training workshops, gathering academicians and education experts to share and explore evidence-based research on the best teaching practices and strategies, and turning theories into practice which also aimed in providing teachers with practical teaching skills that are easily applicable once they are back in the classroom.

  • TSF 2014

    6 - 7 December, 2014

    TSF 2014 “Revolutionizing Education" was the first conference held and the first of its kind in the region that brought together some of the strongest international educational institutes for the region’s benefit and was attended by more than 700 educators from various Arab countries.

    TSF 2014 focused on equipping teachers with the best teaching methods and practices that they can apply in their classrooms and a platform for teachers and educators to meet and exchange experiences as well as workshops delivered by world renowned experts.

    Held in partnership with the International Baccalaureate and Texas Instruments, the forum featured several plenary sessions, workshops, teacher and professional-led activities, exhibitions and reflective sessions all structured along five major academic strands: mathematics, sciences, literacy in Arabic, literacy in English, technology in education and general pedagogies and also focused on the practicalities of teaching and experiential learning: for teachers to learn by doing, to learn through hands-on experiences and to learn from one another.